Orbiton presents an immediate response vehicle

During week 9, Orbiton’s immediate response vehicle was tested in the field in Oppland, Norway.

Those of our customers who have already made use of Orbiton’s emergency services, know that we are available around the clock. But since the end of 2015 we have worked to expand this concept by developing this stand-by vehicle and by reinforcing existing procedures.

Our own technical staff, led by Kim André Marthinsen, re-built a mass-produced car to become a mobile command center. The car is ready to scramble at any time, and can operate without support from third parties. The response vehicle allows drone operators to operate independently and deliver data directly to customers, no matter where the team is located.

The car has a wide range of readily available communication systems: 4G, NMT, VHF and KA-band satellite. It also contains two workstations, several large screens and a powerful data-processing unit. Redundant power supply solutions, both for 12V and 230V, as well as a massive battery bank, means that we are independent of external power sources and that we can be «off grid» for several days. The vehicle has advanced climate control equipment for use in both summer and winter conditions, making the car a very comfortable mobile office. It’s also fitted with safety equipment, first aid supplies, internet, telephone and radio. One of Orbiton’s drone systems is integrated into the car, for rapid deployment. There is also room for more drone systems if necessary. In short: with this car, Orbiton is always ready for action!



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