Orbiton Unity™

Our online application for management and analysis
of inspection data from unmanned systems.


Orbiton Unity™ is a software suite that gives the customer the ability to visualize, manage and analyze the results of their drone data


We focus on the processing and delivery of data and offer a unified solution to make better decisions

The challenge

Most of the current solutions relating to unmanned systems involve the need to process data via several different software platforms. The results are fragmented, disorganized and impractical. As a consequence of this, the end product is often marked by a lack of systematization

The solution

With our software, the customer receives data that is ready for analysis. We offer a seamless solution from data collection to reporting. Using specially designed tools that are accessible in one interface, the customer has the ability to easily manipulate and analyze the data

Photo analysis

Orbiton Unity has a built-in photo analysis function. Sensor data can be labeled, annotated, colorized and inspected in detail using different tools. Comments can also be shared with colleagues in real time. Each image is georeferenced, meaning that sensor data is displayed accurately on a map. Projects are stored in an encrypted application so that all participants can collaborate in real time.

Video analysis

Orbiton Unity also provides a video analysis function. Video data can be bookmarked and annotated to highlight elements of significance. The movie can be played one frame at a time so that high quality images can be generated directly from the video. These images can be further processed with the photo analysis function. All video flights in a project can be geo-referenced so that an accurate GPS route is displayed on a map.

More features

Orbiton Unity is under constant development, to address the different needs of our customers. New features are added on a regular basis.

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