About us


The founders of Orbiton have extensive experience as technicians within Norwegian industry. Their expertise is in the fields of inspection, automation, maintenance and installation of industrial components. They also have broad expertise in the use of electro-optical and infrared equipment and computing from these sensors.

Key Personnel

  • Tomas Moss
    Tomas MossChief Executive Officer
  • Kim Andre Marthinsen
    Kim Andre MarthinsenChief Pilot
  • Ola J. Heien
    Ola J. HeienCommercial Director
  • Joakim Fjeldli
    Joakim FjeldliSensor operator


Orbiton was established in 2013 and has quickly become one of the leading drone companies in Norway.

Our key personnel have over 20 years of experience with sensor technology and photography as well as electro-optic weapon systems. Orbiton’s operations are coordinated with resources with experience from manned aviation.

Orbiton’s advisory board is comprised of individuals with extensive careers in complex organizations such as Statoil, DNO, Haldor Topsøe and the Norwegian armed forces.


Orbiton delivers certified inspection services and autonomous computing solutions and technical data for industrial and infrastructure companies. Our deliverables are in the form of complex technical scanning and processing. In addition to pixel-based data, we deliver georeferenced orthophotos, digital elevation models, 3D models, CAD and GIS files, infrared scanning as well as certified inspection and validation reports.

Orbiton AS has provided services to some of the biggest industrial and infrastructure operators.


Orbiton has approval from the CAA for commercial operations, certificate N-017-2014. The company is approved by the National Security Authority (NSM) and operates with liability insurance in accordance with requirements from the CAA and EASA (European Aviation Safety Agency. In addition, all the company assets are insured.

Orbiton implements a quality management system based on ISO standard. Orbiton is Sellihca approved as a supplier to Nordic utilities and is certified for thermography. Orbiton is also an Achilles JQS certified supplier to the Norwegian and Danish oil and gas industry. The staff has therefore also undergone safety training for work offshore.