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Framework agreement with Lemminkäinen

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Following a competitive tender held in the summer of 2016, Lemminkäinen Norway has selected Orbiton AS as its partner for measuring stock volume using drones.

Lemminkäinen Norway is one of the leading suppliers of asphalt, crushed stone, gravel and construction work. Lemminkäinen Norway has 550 employees and is present throughout the country. The company delivers high quality products and services to public and private clients in infrastructure and construction.

The framework agreement with Orbiton includes measuring inventories of Lemminkäinen quarries, as well as various surveying operations across the country. For this, Orbiton developed a streamlined methodology that involves drone-based photogrammetry, automatic data processing and object recognition – in addition to a cloud-based portal for data delivery and analysis.

We look forward to starting this project, strengthening our relationship with Lemminkäinen.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

Orbiton presents algorithm for automatic rust detection

On April 13th Orbiton – in collaboration with the technology company Broentech – launched the results of their feasibility study for the development of an algorithm that automatically detects rust in pixel based data. The algorithm is based on artificial intelligence, computer vision and deep learning – all of which are advanced computer processes. The results show that a computer can be trained to automatically detect rust in pictures. Orbiton and Broentech is now focusing on the development of a commercial product based on this algorithm.

One of the drawbacks of traditional inspection methods in the industry and infrastructure fields is that inspection data (eg. images) is reviewed and interpreted by humans. This is a time consuming process, which is also subjected to a inspector’s subjective interpretation. The solution Orbiton and Broentech presents,  enables fast processing of thousands of images based on objective, pre-defined criteria. The algorithm will be used in conjunction with Orbiton’s drone based inspection of metal structures.

The project was financed by Innovation Norway and NCE MNT (Norwegian Centre of Expertise for Micro- and Nanotechnology), where Orbiton is a member, and is part of the companies’ R&D efforts. The results will be presented by Broentech in this year’s «International Conference on Artificial Intelligence and Applications» (AIAP) in Vienna, on the 21st-22nd of May.

The presentation in its entirety can be viewed here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iYsSmnma8jA

Orbiton presents an immediate response vehicle

During week 9, Orbiton’s immediate response vehicle was tested in the field in Oppland, Norway.

Those of our customers who have already made use of Orbiton’s emergency services, know that we are available around the clock. But since the end of 2015 we have worked to expand this concept by developing this stand-by vehicle and by reinforcing existing procedures.

Our own technical staff, led by Kim André Marthinsen, re-built a mass-produced car to become a mobile command center. The car is ready to scramble at any time, and can operate without support from third parties. The response vehicle allows drone operators to operate independently and deliver data directly to customers, no matter where the team is located.

The car has a wide range of readily available communication systems: 4G, NMT, VHF and KA-band satellite. It also contains two workstations, several large screens and a powerful data-processing unit. Redundant power supply solutions, both for 12V and 230V, as well as a massive battery bank, means that we are independent of external power sources and that we can be «off grid» for several days. The vehicle has advanced climate control equipment for use in both summer and winter conditions, making the car a very comfortable mobile office. It’s also fitted with safety equipment, first aid supplies, internet, telephone and radio. One of Orbiton’s drone systems is integrated into the car, for rapid deployment. There is also room for more drone systems if necessary. In short: with this car, Orbiton is always ready for action!



Orbiton chosen by NPRA and NTNU

In a supplier competition Orbiton was chosen by the Norwegian Public Roads Administration and the Norwegian University of Science and Technology to demonstrate its technology for monitoring avalanche-prone roads. Orbiton will be conducting drone operations from Bjorli airport in Oppland County on March 1st-3rd. For this mission, Orbiton will use an advanced «fixed wing» drone with long range and flight time, in addition to many high-tech features. This drone aircraft has been used by research institutions in both the Arctic and the Antarctic, as well as by NATO forces. It will be the first time this system is operating in Norway.

Orbiton signs cooperation agreement with Inspecta

Inspecta and Orbiton has signed a mutual cooperation agreement with an emphasis on technical condition and certification inspections. Inspecta is the leading inspection company in the Nordic countries.

Inspecta offers inspection, testing, certification, technical advice and training. Inspecta has offices in eight countries: Finland, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Latvia, Estonia, Lithuania and Poland. The company has more than 1,500 employees and an annual turnover of 150 million euros. – We see a change in the market and anticipate new technologies within the industry segment. For Inspecta, it is important that we follow this trend, and now we can provide our customers with new and additional opportunities, says sales and marketing director at Inspecta, Gunnar Greeting, adding: – The cooperation with Orbiton gives us more synergies. We avoid overlapping interests in that we are responsible for the technical part and Orbiton contributes its technology in the area of sensor inspection.

The customer will also get access to an even better technical documentation of the work performed. – We are looking forward to getting started with this cooperative effort. Inspecta is a large, innovative and exciting company. Orbiton and Inspecta have many of the same ideas, and we already have plans for several exciting projects, says technical director of Orbiton, Gonzalo Figueroa. – We see clear opportunities that can be exploited in order to offer customers new inspection services.

We are confident that the combination of Inspecta’s contacts and professional expertise and Orbitons technology and knowledge of «remote sensing» will result in a good partnership that will benefit both parties greatly, says Figueroa.


Orbiton has, in cooperation with engineering firm Aas-Jakobsen been awarded Norway’s first ever comprehensive RPAS tender for bridge inspections for the National Public Road Authority (NPRA). The contract encompasses the inspection of approximately 300 bridges on a yearly basis in the Oslo, Akershus and Østfold area between 2015-2020.  Difficult to access bridges will mainly be inspected with  RPAS.

This is the first time the NPRA will systematically use drones for the inspection of their infrastructure and represents a groundbreaking initiative in Norway.  The first inspection was carried out on Monday, 12th October at Langset bridge, 90 km north of Oslo.  A test flight was also conducted for the Norwegian National Railway in order to assess the use of drones 5 meters over the electric transmission line.  The test produced positive results and provided useful information which will be used  for future bridge inspections in Norway.



In 2015 several sites in Norway’s Telemark Rjukan-Notodden area were declared part of UNESCOS world heritage.  Orbiton was contacted by Telemark’s county council who wished to use RPAS technology in order to produce 3D models of Vemork power station in Rjukan and the “Tårnhus A” building in the town of Notodden.  Both these sites have been recently included as UNESCO world heritage sites.

Vemork consists both of a decomissioned power station and an active power plant.  The biggest challenge for RPAS operations in the area was the network of high voltage masts and transmission lines.  After a detailed risk assessment was carried out, Orbiton flew 16 sorties over Vemork.  Turbulence along the steep hillside provided at times further challenges to our pilots.

At the Notodden site, RPAS operations were to take place in the vicinity of Notodden airport as well as in a crowded industrial area.  Thanks to careful planning and excellent collaboration with Sindre Arnkværn, the person in charge of cultural heritage at Telemark’s county council, Orbiton was able to carry out 7 quick sorties and obtain the necessary data.

The data obtained will be processed into 3D models and 360 degree panoramic spheres.  We expect the result from this operation to be nothing short of spectacular.




Orbiton flies for Norwegian Prime Minister

Orbiton CEO, Mr. Tomas Moss flies one of the company’s UAVs for Norwegian prime minister, Erna Solberg at the Norwegian Center of Expertise for Micro and Nano Technology, in Horten, Norway.  The Norwegian Centres of Expertise Programme (NCE) is established to enhance sustainable innovation and internationalization processes in the most dynamic and growth-oriented Norwegian clusters.  The programme supports long-term development processes in the clusters based on collaboration between industry, R&D and the public sector. Twelve clusters have so far been selected and given status as a NCE project.  Orbiton has been invited to form part of the NCE in Horten.

Orbiton pushes forward

Orbiton gladly informs that as part of its next phase market strategy, it will carry out a company and product development project together with Innovation Norway .  After a successful start of operations, Innovation Norway has decided to further support Orbiton so as to strengthen the company’s market position.  This will be Orbiton’s second project in collaboration with Innovation Norway.  The project represents approximately a 1 million Norwegian kroner investment, with costs being shared by both parties.


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